You May Want To Rethink Adding Extra Lighting To Your Garden

Outdoor light fixtures can have an impact on the general health of the insects and animals that call your backyard home. Moths may confuse the fixtures with the moon, which they use to navigate. Many winged insects are attracted to the illumination, leading to their death and decreasing populations. This could also cause spiders to feast on the bugs around outdoor lights, and homeowners don’t want these insects invading their home. Further, lights can impact daytime bird’s sleep and owls’ nightly hunts.

Both trees and plants use photosynthesis to transform light into energy and nutrients. As well as the light from the sun, plants can also absorb artificial light. The problem with this is that, just like humans, plants need a resting period. Though they don’t sleep, they tend to be less active at night, since the sun is set. However, bright garden lights could disrupt their natural cycle and cause plants to stay in an active period for longer than they’re supposed to, which could lead to some unusual behavior. Some plants may display phototropism, which is when they grow towards the light source, causing uneven growth on otherwise manicured plants. Another negative effect is mutations, which can change the size and shape of fruit and the color of leaves.

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