How To Complete Survey of Kreet (All Resources, Fauna, and Flora)

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Kreet, moon of Anselon, is one of the first places that players will be able to visit in Starfield. It’s on this moon that they will first receive the Scanner and gain access to useful tools such as the surface map and Photo Mode. Once gamers are able to use the Scanner, they’ll also have the ability to gather survey data.



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Fans will obtain a Survey Slate for every planet or moon that they fully scan in Starfield. Afterward, these slates can be sold for a decent amount of money. This guide will show players how to survey Kreet and obtain its survey slate.

Biomes on Kreet

landing on kreet's frozen volcanic biome

Even though gamers will find barren planets, there are diverse ecosystems with all sorts of landscapes and varied alien life. Kreet is a temperate astronomical object, and it sits comfortably in the Narion System, so it has the ability to harbor life.

In total, Kreet has three different biomes to explore, and gamers will have to visit all of them if they’d like to scan all the plants and wildlife that inhabit Anselon’s moon. The poles are considered frozen volcanic areas; the areas surrounding its north pole are part of the Mountains biome; and most of the planet is volcanic.

Gamers can open the Kreet Starmap and select a specific area of the planet; this will inform them of which type of biome they’ll be traveling to.

Resources and Life on Kreet

analyzing kreet in starfield

To fully survey Kreet, players will have to scan all its fauna and flora as well as its resources. On Kreet, players will find three species of animals, three plant species, and eight resource types.

Resources only have to be scanned once, but plants and animals must be scanned quite a few times in order to acquire all the important data on them. Players can invest in the Zoology and the Botany skills in the Science Skill Tree in order to gather more data in a single scan – this will definitely speed up the surveying process.


scanning fauna on kreet

Although the wildlife that gamers will come across on Kreet isn’t hostile, it’s not necessarily friendly either. Gamers can safely approach it and scan it freely, as long as they keep a comfortable distance. Here are all the animal species found on Kreet:




Kreet Grazer

  • Temperament: Wary
  • Resource: Antimicrobial
  • Health: 50

Kreet Stalker

  • Temperament: Wary
  • Resource: Antimicrobial
  • Health: 50


  • Frozen Volcanic
  • Mountains
  • Volcanic
  • Temperament: Wary
  • Resource: Nutrient
  • Health: 20


analyzing flora on kreet

Gamers will have to visit every biome type in order to collect information on the planet’s flora, as each plant species inhabits a different biome. Here are the plant species that can be scanned on Kreet:




Dust Root

  • Resource: Fiber
  • Genetics: Double Helix, Carbon-based
  • Reproduction: Self-cloning

Frost Reed

  • Resource: Nutrient
  • Genetics: Double Helix, Carbon-based
  • Reproduction: Cuttings

Nebula Vine

  • Resource: Fiber
  • Genetics: Double Helix, Carbon-based
  • Reproduction: Self-cloning


surveyed resources kreet

There are eight different resources on Kreet. Gamers can find various resources in the same area of the planet. However, certain resources are considerably more abundant in specific areas.

To check out resource distribution on this moon, gamers must open their Starmap, select Kreet, and then choose the Show Resources option; they will see the areas where they will be able to easily find each available resource. Here are all eight resources in Kreet:

  • Helium-3 (He-3)
  • Argon (Ar)
  • Water (H20)
  • Lead (Pb)
  • Silver (Ag)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Alkanes (HnCn)
  • Neon (Ne)

How to Discover Kreet’s Trait

surveying an unknown map marker on the surface map

Some planets and moons have their own unique traits, but gamers will have to explore them in order to uncover these mysterious traits – oftentimes, this is the hardest part of surveying planets in Starfield. To discover Kreet’s trait, gamers have to open their Scanner and point toward the Unknown markers that appear on the horizon. Scanning these markers will reveal the type of point of interest that they are. Gamers must keep doing this until they find a marker that reads “Natural“, and then they must follow it.

discovering an unexplored geological feature in starfield

Once fans approach the Natural point of interest, they can scan it again to find out its name, and this will reveal it to be an Unexplored Geological Feature. They must then keep their Scanner activated, as they will need it to find the two pieces of evidence required to unearth the crucial information necessary to reveal the planet’s trait.

Gamers should avoid approaching the gas and water near these Unexplored Geological Features, as they contain microbial toxins that will decrease their total health until they return to their ship.

deep ocean deposits trait kreet

Players will be able to locate and scan two large structures near the Natural area. These are two eroded reef outcroppings that must be scanned, as they will provide evidence of long-vanished oceans that existed on Kreet. This will reveal Kreet’s Deep Ocean Deposits trait.

Once players have scanned all life on Kreet and revealed its trait, they will receive its Survey Slate.

Starfield is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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