New prevention tags being used to keep our forests clean

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) — There is an uptick in people heading outdoors and into the wilderness.

But US Forest officials say the increase in people is also creating a lot of trash.

From trash to campfires and propane, even using the restroom, there are certain things to know before you head outdoors.

National parks across the country are seeing a growing number of people heading outdoors, and with that, piles of trash are growing as well.

“We don’t have to go around and pick up the trash that’s left behind, especially after a holiday weekend,” said Ben Gotts, Fire Prevention with US Forest Service.

To combat the threat of increased wildfires, Ben Gotts with the US Forest Service has created prevention tags with QR codes to help educate people.

It includes a map and some tips to use while in the great outdoors.

“Know before you go information that outlines exactly how to be a responsible recreationalist while you’re out visiting the public landscape,” explained Gotts.

So, if you are headed out to the woods, make sure to remember the pack-in, pack-out mantra.

“Everything you brought to the woods, take it back with you and leave it as clean as you found it,” added Gotts.

And don’t forget about fire safety.

“Make sure that those chains that are attached to the trailer, to your vehicle that you’re towing it with are secured, the number 1 threat of wildfires across the landscape is going to be a lot of those chains,” said Gotts.

When Mother Nature calls while out visiting Mother Nature, remember there is a method for that, too.

“When you’re out in the landscape, the appropriate use when nature calls, of course, is to dig a hole and then bury it, and make sure that your toilet paper is buried along with it,” added Gotts

Gotts said the inspiration for creating these prevention tags is because he wants everyone to be able to enjoy the great outdoors.

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