800 acres of forest set to be torched in Colorado

According to the United States Forest Service, crews are set to intentionally burn an 800-acre swath of land in White River National Forest on August 29 and 30 with the goal of making the area safer.

The designated area for the burn, found about 14 miles northeast of Meeker near Aldrich Lakes, will be torched to help reduce dense vegetation that can serve as fuel for wildfires, thus reducing the risk of a larger blaze. The burn is also expected to stimulate new vegetation growth and improve the habitat for wildlife.

“Prescribed fires are carefully planned and executed to bring fire’s natural benefits to a landscape,” said Blanco District Ranger Curtis Keetch. “We closely monitor conditions leading up to a prescribed burn, and only put fire on the ground when predetermined conditions are met to achieve a positive outcome for the resource.”

Smoke from the fire may be visible along Highway 13 and in Meeker.

As noted by Keetch, firefighters only plan to start the prescribed burn if safe conditions to do so are present. Part of this will include aiming to minimize the impacts of smoke in surrounding communities.

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