Recovery program offering lawn care services to help clients pay off fines

CHANDLER, Okla. (KFOR) — Clients in a recovery program are pushing lawn mowers while they heal addiction. It’s goal is to teach them life skills while helping them earn money.

“We just started this two weeks ago, and the phone’s been ringing,” said Mike Bateman, with the Jeremiah House.

They’re cutting the grass and edging the lawn.

The Jeremiah house is revving up a LLC lawncare service for their clients. Bateman said it’s a chance for the men to earn some cash while recovering from addiction.

“They can pay for their stay. They can pay off fines, get their driver’s license,” said Bateman. “Maybe they want to end up buying a lawnmower. We would show them how to become their own LLC and get them going.”

They’re working in the heat to transform Joanne Ezell’s lawn. It used to be overgrown.

“It looks great!” said Ezell.

After struggling to find the right crew for her, Joanne said she found the Jeremiah house through divine intervention.

“It was really kind of a God thing,” said Ezell. “I turned the corner to pick up my friend and Jeremiah House had mowed her neighbor’s yard and there was their sign. And I said, that’s proof enough.”

Bateman said, along with earning a living, these clients are also learning life skills with every lawn mowed in the Chandler area.

“They’ve never been shown something positive and a good pathway and an opportunity to be encouraged. They don’t know that. All they know is are bad,” said Bateman. “God himself gives us second chances. So, Jeremiah House and I believe Chandler is a community that wants to give people second chances as well.”

Bateman said an average lawn will cost about $60 to mow. However, out in chandler the lawns get pretty big and those will cost more. If you’re in the area and need your lawn mowed call 405-788-0723.

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